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Chacha Chaudhary Football World Cup (चाचा चौधरी फुटबॉल विश्व कप)


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6 May 2023 रोजी पूर्ण झाले
ISBN क्रमांक : 9789390950751
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Pran Kumar Sharma, popularly known as Pran, was a renowned Indian cartoonist and comic book creator. He was born on August 15, 1938, in Kasur, Punjab, British India, and passed away on August 6, 2014, in Mumbai, India.Pran is best known for creating the iconic Indian comic book character, Chacha Chaudhary. Chacha Chaudhary, a middle-aged man with a red turban and a white mustache, was known for his wit, intelligence, and problem-solving abilities. The character quickly became a household name and was published in numerous languages across India.Pran's career as a cartoonist began in the 1960s when he started working for the Delhi-based newspaper, Milap. He later worked for other publications, including the Blitz and the Indian Express. In 1971, he started his own comic book series, which included characters such as Shrimatiji, Billoo, and Pinki. These characters became extremely popular among Indian children and adults alike.In recognition of his contributions to Indian comics, Pran was awarded numerous accolades, including the Padma Shri in 1999, the fourth-highest civilian award in India. He was also the first Indian cartoonist to be awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Indian government.Pran's legacy as a cartoonist and comic book creator lives on today through his characters and the countless readers who continue to enjoy his work. His impact on Indian popular culture is immeasurable, and he will always be remembered as one of the most beloved cartoonists in India's history. Read more 

Chacha Chaudhary Football World Cup caacaa caudhrii phuttboNl vishv kp


"चाचा चौधरी आणि फुटबॉल विश्व कप" ही एक मशहूर बालगोष्टी आहे, ज्यामध्ये चाचा चौधरी यांच्या नेतृत्वाखाली एक रहस्याची गोडवेल वाढते ज्या मुळे आपल्या छोट्या आणि मोठ्या वाचनार्यांना हे पुस्तक मनोरंजनाची संधी देते. "चाचा चौधरी आणि फुटबॉल विश्व कप" ह्या पुस्तकात, चाचा चौधरी यांच्या विचारधारा, बुद्धिमत्ता आणि न्यायाच्या संकल्पना चित्रित केली आहे. त्यांच्या अतिप्राकृतिक बुद्धिमत्तेने त्यांच्या आयुष्यात जेव्हा फुटबॉल विश्व कप संपले तेव्हा त्यांच्याकडे आपल्या मदतीसाठी एक नाजुक रहस्य आहे. ह्या पुस्तकात, चाचा चौधरी यांच्या मित्र सबू यांच्या संघर्षांची आपल्याला जीवंत करणारी वातावरण आहे. यात्रेत ते संपूर्ण जगाला फुटबॉल विश्व कपच्या तात्पर्याची महत्त्वाची संदेश देते.

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