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The Diary of a Young Girl (Marathi)

Anne Frank

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25 March 2023 रोजी पूर्ण झाले
ISBN क्रमांक : 9788183227483
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The book, 'The Diary of a Young Girl’ is a compilation of diary writings of Annie Frank, a girl who had to resort to hiding along with her family because of the Nazi occupation. This book has received widespread publicity and is one of the most famous literatures of the Nazi era. This book has been translated in more than 60 languages and has received critical acclamation. Annie Frank died of typhus in a concentration camp and her diary was successfully retrieved by Miep Gies, who handed it to Annie’s father, the lone survivor from the family. It was her father who then published the diary. Annie Frank received a blank diary as a birthday present on her 13th birthday. She soon started using it and kept updating it regularly. She noted all major events and also wrote down various personal experiences. She maintained the diary regularly even during her tough times when her family went into hiding. This diary presents a distinctive account of the events that happened during that time and talks about the hardships faced by Jewish people due to the concentration camp. This diary reflects the cruelty of Nazism and the horrifying truths of Holocaust. The diary is written in three volumes which depict the three phases of her hiding life. In all senses, this book is a gripping read that showcases the dark side of humanity. Read more 

The Diary of a Young Girl Marathi


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